Duncan Seawall is well known throughout Southwest Florida for their excellent marine contractor services. As they have built their resume and grown their business, they are one of the few contractors able to take on
large commercial projects in addition to their residential services. Duncan recently completed a large commercial
marine construction project in Sarasota, the renovation of the marina at the Bird Key Yacht Club (BKYC).

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Bird Key Yacht Club Case Study

The Bird Key Yacht Club is an esteemed and luxury private club in Sarasota, Florida. To maintain their luxury brand they decided it was time for a face-lift. This face-lift would entail a new composite sheet piling seawall and complete dock reconstruction, spanning 10,648 square-feet. This project also included some dredging to increase the marina's depth to accommodate larger vessels as well as all new marina utilities including electric, plumbing, fire and fueling dock, and the addition of many new boat lifts. 

Having a large team of capable marine contractors is essential when completing large, commercial marine construction projects. Duncan was able to fully dedicate their time to this project while still effectively running all other residential projects and service repair jobs.

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