When the customer chooses a boat lift, the highest grade materials, quality workmanship and installation should all be taken into consideration. Duncan Seawall installs Golden Boat Lifts and has been named Golden’s number one worldwide dealer every year for the past decade. Golden Boat Lifts has been a boat lift manufacturer for more than 35 years with experience in all aspects of the boat lift manufacturing process. Golden Boat Lifts are manufactured using 6061 – T6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, come with a 15-year structural warranty and up to a 25-year limited warranty on the drive system. Duncan Seawall’s excellent craftsmanship combined with the premium selection of Golden Boat Lifts guarantees you will have the best and most dependable lift on the market.

Key Features of a Golden Boat Lift

  • Golden Sea-Drive™ motors with an Aluminum Die-Cast Enclosure
  • Drive pipes are hidden within the top beams which provide a safer and more aesthetically pleasing look
  • Lift is constructed using stainless steel and aluminum, NO RUST
  • Solid aluminum extruded bearings (not plastic) with grease fittings for easy maintenance are welded inside the top beam for superior strength and appearance
  • Pilings installed 10’ into the bay bottom. The pilings are jetted, then driven to reduce the likelihood of settling
  • $1,000,000 product liability coverage to protect your investment in the unlikely event of a failure
  • Up to 25-year limited warranty on the flat plate drive system and 15-year structural warranty

Duncan Seawall offers a wide variety of accessories, options and add-ons for your brand new Golden Boat Lift including but not limited to:

  • Aluminum Bunks
  • Keel beam and stanchions
  • Catwalks and platforms
  • Catwalk stairs
  • Boat Guides
  • Cradle tide guides
  • Top beam covers
  • Remote control systems
  • Shallow cradle beams
  • Bunk risers
  • I-beams
  • Large cable winders