Duncan Seawall is well known throughout Southwest Florida for their excellent marine contractor services. As they have built their resume and grown their business, they are one of the few contractors able to take on
large commercial projects in addition to their residential services. Duncan recently completed a large commercial
marine construction project in Sarasota, the renovation of the marina at the Bird Key Yacht Club (BKYC).

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Bird Key Yacht Club

The Bird Key Yacht Club is an esteemed and luxury private club in Sarasota, Florida. To maintain their luxury brand they decided it was time for a face-lift. This face-lift would entail a new composite sheet piling seawall and complete dock reconstruction, spanning 10,648 square-feet. This project also included some dredging to increase the marina's depth to accommodate larger vessels as well as all new marina utilities including electric, plumbing, fire and fueling dock, and the addition of many new boat lifts. 

Having a large team of capable marine contractors is essential when completing large, commercial marine construction projects. Duncan was able to fully dedicate their time to this project while still effectively running all other residential projects and service repair jobs.


McKechnie Field Boardwalk-1.jpg

McKechnie Field Boardwalk

We’ve built a reputation for excellence, which led to being selected to work on the McKechnie Field Boardwalk. This project required us to complete more than 22,000 square feet of boardwalk before the Pittsburgh Pirates returned for spring training. It required some aggressive scheduling to complete the entire project, including pilings, decks and an outfield tiki bar, it was occupancy-ready in less than 100 days.

Blackburn Point

Blackburn Point is a Sarasota County park which includes over 1,500 square feet of docks, launches for kayaks and boats, as well as fishing piers and boardwalks. During the dredging process, we removed more than 1,000 cubic yards of material. Sourced as a bid job, we were happy to be selected, and consider this project a great success for Duncan Seawall. 

Blackburn Point (13)-1-1.jpg

Tidewater (14)-1.jpg

Tidewater Preserve

Constructed 5,260 Sq. Ft marina expansion, adding a total of 30 slips with accompanying boat lifts.  Duncan Seawall was responsible for driving piles, substructure, composite decking, as well as all electrical aspects of the marina expansion.   Duncan was selected due to its large employee base as well as the in-house electrical department for a seamless project. 

Bradenton Pier

Demolition, removal and reconstruction of Bradenton Beach’s 10,000 sq.ft. historic pier and boardwalk was awarded to Duncan Seawall in August of 2014.  The large-scale, highly visible project also included multiple utilities such as electric, water, fire suppression and lightning protection. The pier was protected from the nearby mooring field by timber piles installed around the structure.   Many businesses at or near the pier thrive on vacationers, boaters, and local patrons it was the City’s intent to find the marine contractor who best fit their needs in completing such an important landmark of the City.  While Duncan Seawall was not the low bidder, we were the most risk-free contractor due to our experience, locality of equipment and manpower. The project was completed under budget and ahead of an already aggressive schedule much to the satisfaction of the City.

Bradenton Pier (9)-1.jpg

Boca Grande (2)-1.jpg

Boca Grande North

Removal and replacement of two multifamily marina docks measuring over 7,000 sq.ft.  Project included demolition and complete reconstruction, including pile driving, substructure, composite decking, railing,water lines, complete electric design and installation of 34 slips with 17 power pedestals, plumbing and fire suppression system.

Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa, FL

1,100 Cubic Yard Dredge
Floating Wood Docks
Fixed Wood Docks
Wood Mooring Piling Replacement


610 Riviera Dunes-2.jpg

Riviera Dunes Marina, Palmetto, FL

Approximately 1.5 miles of Rock Revetment
20,000 Cubic Yards of Dredging
Concrete Floating Docks
Boat Lifts Ranging in Size from 7,000-lb. to 74,000-lb.
Concrete and Wood Mooring Pilings

Tampa Bayside Marina, Tampa, FL

Steel Seawall
Fork Lift Pad
Foundation Pilings for Restaurant
Concrete Floating Docks

Tampa Bayside Marina-1-1.jpg

Turtle Cove Marina-1.jpg

Turtle Cove Marina, Tarpon Springs, FL

1,100’ of Concrete Seawall Replacement
1,200 Cubic Yards of Dredging 
Fixed Wood Docks
Fixed Concrete Docks
Floating Aluminum Docks
Concrete and Wood Mooring Pilings

Mainsail Marina, Holmes Beach, FL

6 Boat Lifts Of Various Sizes
4,800 Cubic Yards Of Dredging
640' Of Concrete Seawall

Mainsail Marina-1.jpg

Tampa Yacht Club-1.jpg

Tampa Yacht and Country Club, Tampa, FL

16,000 Cubic Yards of Dredging
Wood Mooring Pilings

Venice Coast Guard Station, Venice, FL

Steel Seawall
Cap and Tieback System

The Field Club, Sarasota, FL

1,800 Cubic Yard Dredge
Fixed Wood Docks
Wood Mooring Pilings

Longboat Key Moorings, Longboat Key, FL

Concrete Fixed Docks
Concrete Floating Docks
Wood Mooing Pilings
Concrete Mooring Pilings
1,000 Cubic Yard of Dredge
Reef Balls
Channel Marker Installation
Electrical Upgrades

Longboat Key Police Department, Longboat Key, FL

Two 12,000-lb. Boat Lifts

City of Sarasota Police Department, Sarasota, FL

Two 20,000-lb. Boat Lifts

West Coast Inland Navigation District (W.C.I.N.D.)

25,000 Cubic Yards of Dredging in Phillippi Creek
16,000 Cubic Yards Dredging in the Intra Coastal Waterway

Florida D.O.T. & Hendry Corporation All over Florida

21,000 Tons of Rock Revetment & Scour Protection

Island Way Grill Clearwater, FL

700 Cubic Yards of Dredging
Rock Revetment

Cortez Cove Boatyard & Marina, Bradenton, FL

11,000 Cubic Yards of Dredging
Complete Wood Dock Replacement
Wood Mooring Pilings

Bombardier/Seadoo Test Facility, Melbourne, FL

53,000 Cubic Yards of Hydraulic Dredging
Complete Marina Facilities

Sarasota Sailing Squadron, Sarasota, FL

Fixed Wood Docks
Floating Wood Docks
Floating Aluminum Docks
Floating Concrete Docks
700 Cubic Yards of Dredging
Boat Ramp
Boat Hoist to Transfer Boats from Trailer into the Water
Wave Attenuator  

Marine Max Corporation, Clearwater, FL

Steel Seawall with Cap and Tieback System (Naples ,FL)
Concrete Cap and Tieback System (City Island, FL)
Fixed Concrete Docks (Naples, FL)
Fixed Wood Docks (Gulfport, City Island, Venice and Naples, FL)
Boat Lifts (City Island and Venice, FL)
Wave Attenuator (City Island, FL)
Travel Lift Pad (Naples and City Island, FL)
Wood Mooring Pilings (numerous locations) 

Dry Dock Restaurant, Longboat Key, FL

Fixed Wood Docks
Seawall Cap Repair
Wood Mooring Pilings

Marina Jack, Sarasota, FL

16,000 Cubic Yards Of Dredging
Aluminum Finger Piers
Wood Mooring Pilings
8 Boat Lifts
Various Repair Projects

Regatta Point Marina, Palmetto, FL

Fixed Wood Docks
Wood Mooring Pilings
Various Boat Lifts

Ringling Causeway, Sarasota, FL

560’ of Steel Seawall with Concrete Cap
500 Additional Feet of Concrete Cap 
120,000 Ton Rock Revetment
Aluminum Railing
Concrete Curbing

Manatee County Government, Bradenton, FL  Jiggs Landing

Concrete Fixed Dock
Wood Fixed Docks
Concrete Boat Ramp
Fishing Pier
Floating Aluminum Kayak Ramp
Floating Aluminum Dock

Lake Manatee Water Facility

Fixed Aluminum Walkway
Floating Aluminum Docks
Wave Attenuator
Wood Pilings 

Leffis Key

Approximately 800’ of Boardwalk replacementState Road 64 Boat Ramp
Concrete Fixed Dock
Concrete Boat Ramp
Channel Marker Installation Bryn Mawr Canal Dredging
1,700 Cubic Yards of Dredging Behind Residences7 Mile Reef Deployment
Transport and Place Approximately 700 Tons of Concrete Rubble


City of Sarasota Government, Sarasota, FL

Ken Thompson Park
Concrete Boat Ramps
Fixed Concrete Docks
Parking Lot
Drainage System
Restroom Facilities

Bayfront Park

300’ of Vinyl Seawall and Concrete Cap
80 Additional Feet of Concrete Seawall Cap
800 Tons of Rock Revetment
Restroom Facilities

Indian Rocks Beach Park

400’ of Armorflex Matting
Composite Decking at Sitting Area

Town of Longboat Key Government, Longboat Key, FL

50’ of Concrete Seawall, Seawall Cap and Tieback System
Culvert Installation
Culvert Repair
Erosion Repair